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Send crypto for free when the recipient accepts the payment in the same currency.


Complete cross-border payments in a matter of seconds. Simple and easy to use, especially for beginners.


We comply with legal requirements preventing money laundering, fraud, and other illegal activities.
cryptocurrencies and tokens


Stable9Pay offers fast, secure payment transfers of cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies across borders via extensive banking network, with t+0 settlements and competitive exchange rates.

Why us
1000+ cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • T+0 settlements every day for quick payment processing
  • Extensive North American banking network and banking support in Singapore and Hong Kong for global payments
  • Competitive Friedily exchange rates for the best value for your cryptocurrency
  • Partnerships with Fireblocks Wallet for added convenience and security
Crypto banknote —

Send money from your Web3 wallet to any bank account

Easy Swap

Automatically receive payments in the crypto of your choice with our Easy Swap Engine. Secure and effortless to set up.

Convert Crypto

Seamlessly swap one crypto for another on the Stable9Pay. Choose from a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies.

Send and request payments

Want to send some crypto to friends or family around the world without extra costs? Want to request money for your goods and services? We got you with Stable9Pay invoicing solution

STABLE9PAY wallet —

Multicurrency hardware wallet

Stable9Pay offers a secure wallet for storing multiple cryptocurrencies, converting to fiat currencies, and transferring funds globally with ease and speed.




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